Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fallen Pear, Acrylic, 6x6

Today was a day I stayed home, so no oil painting for me.  But I had these luscious pears and I decided to make a painting with them.  The background, originally black, seemed boring, so I looked for a nice red to set off the green pears.  I picked up a tube of Naphtol Crimson, a paint I'd had for a while, but never really found a place for.  It was perfect - and more 'candy-apple' red than it shows in the picture.  I'm no pro at iPhoto (yet!), but this is a pretty good image otherwise. Pin It


  1. Hey Kelley beautiful. I am fond of bright colors and I see them here.

  2. Luscious. Both the color and the pears. You go girl!

  3. Hi, Kelly! Thanks for stopping by my blog...This painting is "it" for me! Love how you push the paint around! Very, very nice.


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