Monday, November 7, 2011

Donut War Day! One And A Half Jelly, 6x6 Inches, Acrylic

Oooooh, Susan Roden thought I'd FORGET to post a donut for our Donut War today!  But better late than never!  I am finally home from Hilton Head - and I got a great reception from Tim, Paco, Harry The Orange Cat and Isabelle The Tortie.  3 velcro pets!  And in Hilton Head my friend Kathy Cousart gave me this wonderful present:
A painting of Tim and Paco!  I love it and so does Tim!  Are we lucky or what?
Anyway, as wonderful a paradise as Hilton Head was... be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be pulled together enough to talk about what I learned from Karin!  

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  1. It's about time you got back to work! Donuts look yummy! Looks like I could reach in and eat the other half - ok the whole and half! :-)

    Kathy's portrait of Tim and Paco is fantastic! Lucky you!! Are the cats jealous? Kathy needs to do another one with them. Or here's a thought ....... conjoined!!! (Not to be published though)

  2. I have been hungry all evening and I think it is your donuts...the look ooey gooey and good enough to eat! Love them!

  3. You make me crave donuts! Lovely sugared jelly donuts indeed! What a wonderful and amazing gift of Tim and Paco. She did an awesome job!

  4. What a gift from it..Glad you are the donut and look forward to seeing all the new...and YOU

  5. Love that donut.. the bottom piece looks like it's sticking its tongue out at me.. now I just HAVE to go have one today ;) Na na! Hugs!
    Also love your portrait.. beautiful!

  6. Another great donut painting-so luscious.
    Love the painting of Tim and Paco and I can hardly wait to hear more about what you learned at HH.

  7. I can see that this was a great workshop for you by the sketch of Tim and Paco- great stuff!
    I want a donut now, no Ill have a strawberry I guess...

  8. Love your jellies and this one is wonderful. Just one question though- where did the other half go? Hmmm, tough job, huh? You always get me with that gorgeous translucent jelly!

    So tickled that Tim and Paco like their painting. I was especially worried about Paco:)

  9. I think the doughnut on the bottom is sticking his tongue out. Sorry, my mind just goes places. Like these doughnuts against the black background.
    Kathy did a great job on the painting of two of your favorites. Good girl!!

  10. You never miss with the donuts. You must have fun arranging (sneaking bites) as you set them up to paint. Nice going. Glad you're back and looking forward to hearing more about the workshop.

  11. Love the portrait of Tim and Paco; what a fantastic surprise!


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