Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Your Health, 5x7 Oil

The top image is a little injection of levity... a photo of a gnome a friend 'doctored up' for me, changing the rake to a paintbrush, and now he's my 'studio gnome' for luck - and who couldn't use that? (See the paint smudges all over him? :)

Underneath is a shot glass from Frank Llyod Wright's school in Arizona called Taliesin. It's great when you do Daily Paintings, because when friends travel they bring you fun things to paint! Pretty much that's all I'll do with a shot glass... but wouldn't it look great with a little daisy in it? Pin It


  1. Kelley, Really cute little guy! Your glass painting amazes me! You are so good at really showing the transluscent, glossy, look. I am always impressed!

  2. This is very well done. I like the shape and you nailed the glass.

  3. Hey Kelley,
    Love your new gnome! He's so cute!
    The shot glass is great! You may need a little tequila in there...lol.
    I'm in AZ right now! I've been to Taliesin a couple of times!
    BTW... the new birdie painting is awesome!

  4. Really enjoying your still lifes Kelley, great work.


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