Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tea Break's Over, 6x8 Oil

I just loved the colors on this Fiesta Ware.  I got the cup & saucer at Mindy & Clyde's Cupboard Company in Santa Fe.  Check it out if you ever get there.  Mindy & Clyde are two Jack Russell Terriers owned by the owner, a wonderful  woman named Eiko.  I could have loaded up a truck in this place.  Later I'll do another cup I bought there, a gorgeous green Harlequin cup.  I mentioned to someone that in these paintings (as of the last post) I'm struggling with extremely thick white - which is resisting my efforts to thin it down with Gamsol.  It's an old tube of paint, Permalba, which I used to love because of it's buttery, creamy consistancy.  Lately (my last 3 tubes) the paint's been thicker, and the reps at Jerry's Artarama where I got it say I'm the only one to notice.  I figure one, maybe two tubes, and it could be the batch.  Three tubes, and  - 'Bye-bye'.  I'm back to Utrecht, except when I travel, when I like Galkyd White because it helps everything dry faster.  
Hopefully the brushwork on this is more 'confident', though.  On the next post, which I may not even put up, I almost tossed the panel away because the white paint was so hard to work with.  You'll see.
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  1. That is so frustrating about the paint! I have a weakness for teacups! You've totally captured the end of tea time.

  2. Thanks for the sympathy, Nini. I'm really not just whining. (well, maybe a little). Now... everybody should check out Nini's blog - the cat drawings are my absolute favorites!

  3. I agree with Nini, you've caught that, "Oh geez, I'm out of tea now," feeling! I do hope you are able to get the white paint that works for you. One of the things I like about your paintings is the feeling of paint that is evident. I hope this makes sense!(it's late!!!)

  4. Sure, Paula, I know what you mean, and thanks. Today I'll be trying a 'kinder, gentler' white, though! ;)

  5. Love the colors and the values. Looking forward to a long drive while you talk painting!


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