Monday, October 13, 2008

Backyard View, Parrsboro 8x10

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!  On Friday Joan and I meandered into Parrsboro and explored the neighborhoods a bit.  Everywhere there were Canadian flags, which, when I think about it, is not too unusual, since it's their national flag!  But the backlit houses in a row, with the flag and the blue-roofed house beyond, looked good to me.  While we were there painting we were given a flag by the man doing repair work at the Canadian Legion, where we parked... a nice souvenir! Pin It


  1. Oh Kelley, I love this!! So nice - great job!!! :-) Hope you're enjoying Nova Scotia, one of my favorite places on Earth. : )Barbara

  2. So everyone knows, the flag Don loves is one we got from the Canadian Legion where we parked to paint this painting. The flag IN the painting somehow got turquoise paint on it from the Turquoise House painting when I tried to remove them from the wet painting carrier!


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