Friday, October 3, 2008

Pale Mini Pumpkins. oil 6x8

Once again struggling with the white paint.  Last one.  I'm throwing the Permalba out!  Next week I'll be painting in Nova Scotia with 2 painting buddies.  I'll try to blog from Parrsboro.  I'm not thrilled with this painting, but it was a little crazy around here trying to pack/cook/clean for the trip.  Only kidding about the cleaning.... ;0 Pin It

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  1. You know, it's amazing how a silly think like how thick the white is can just bother me so much. One of my classmates was cleaning off her palette Thursday and gave me her huge pile of white. I didn't think anything of it and now I'm sorry it took it!
    I love the creamy buttery colors.. They just make painting lovely and they are easy to mix... even partially... but this white.... not so much.
    However, that being said, I'd say you are doing quite well despite the handicap of a not so friendly white.
    I enjoy dropping by and seeing the delicious things you've painted.


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