Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Orange Rose, 4x6 Oil

This rose is stuck way up towards the sky, about a foot above the rest of the bush.  I loved the contrast between the sunlit petals and the sky.  I think... practice makes (almost) perfect, I am more confident about roses now.  2 months ago they made me shudder.... Pin It


  1. Hi Kelley, I'm glad you are painting your roses and that you have a great supply of them this year! I am passing along the "Brilliante Weblog" award to you for your work which I have always appreciated and admired and to also thank you for introducing me to the blogosphere. Having the ability and access to see the work of so many others who I would not otherwise get to view nor read their musings has been a gift. Your prolific body of work demonstrates your progress and it is clear that so many truly enjoy viewing it (myself included). Please visit my blog to see the details of this award and above all...keep painting!


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