Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh, Dahlia! 6x6 Oil

This painting is a 2nd time around painting today.  I started this morning with a 4x6 vertical format, and the design was awkward and .... just generally a wipe-off.  I was frustrated because I'm trying to re-learn eBay, and it really took a while this morning.  Like anything else, after you've done it a few times it's easy, but today, after, I realized, a year and a half - everything looked new and more complicated.  Hopefully starting tomorrow all my paintings will have the "click to bid" button, which will take you right to my eBay auction.  I'm learning so much about the business aspect of my work these days, but I feel very confident about it - you can take me down a pin if it all goes awry! Pin It

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