Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Off Season, Acrylic

The whole board:

Yesterday a bunch of us piled in our cars and met on the Cape to paint the lovely cottages at Chase's Ocean Grove.  We met some really nice people, and a fabulous bulldog named Monty, and got some sun and sand in before the huge dark clouds overtook us.  Instead of trying to do a complete plein air painting I thought I'd be better served by taking a big board (18x24), dividing it up into 4 rectangles and sketching with Prussian Blue and white acrylic paint.  Just really trying to work on composition - choosing a site and making it a welcoming visit for the viewer.  Some worked better than others...
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  1. I like them all but I like "Al-Fred" the best.

  2. I like Al-Fred the best too, but they are all strong value and composition studies.
    I'm going to 'get' Al-Fred.
    What a great day that was!


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