Thursday, July 24, 2008

White Rose, 8x10 Acrylic

Stayed home today just in CASE there was another water funnel in the area, like yesterday.  Turns out while I was gone the intense wind sucked one of the doors on the porch open and my cat Isabelle got out.  Hours later when I arrived home (even though I left the studio as soon as the worst had passed, there were trees snapped in half laying across the 2 main roads out of town, and telephone poles laying in the road) I saw what looked like a small piece of luggage on my front porch up against my door - it was Isabelle - traumatized!  So I played it safe and stayed home to paint with my acrylics, first a wipe-off of watermelons, then this beautifully opening rose.  Even though painting roses makes me go cross eyed, I'm determined to 'get' them this Summer.

I think the edge of the table is too sharp, so I'll probably soften it.
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