Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just A Lemon, 6x6 Oil

Back in the studio.  It's a steam box today, although it's a sunny day so really I can't complain.  I love the simple shapes of lemons, and it looks so easy - but of course it's not.
Anyone in the Massachusetts area should try to stop by the Pembroke Art Festival this weekend, Aug 2 & 3.  You'll see 3 of my paintings there, some of Paula Villanova's too, and lots of other good paintings.  I'd like to congratulate Jody Regan who won 1st Prize in Oil/Acrylics there!
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  1. I love painting lemons as well. I like your use of orange in the background

  2. ahhhh very beautiful lemon. I really like your banner..

  3. I love this Kelley! It's so juicy and big! The texture is great....I think I had told you before that my oldest daughter loves you. Anytime she sees me on your blog, she'll say "ooo is that Kelley, I love her".

  4. Sweet comment from Katie May's little one ;)
    Love lemons. I just bought a whole bag for like $5 after I found that I'd have had to pay $3 for 4 lemons if I bough them individually. I'm going to make my own lemonade. I am still on a painting break ;)

  5. Thanks E! I wasn't sure if I'd like the orange (it was an 'abstraction' of the local color, but I think I lucked out. Sandy, thanks, that banner is soon to be my business card image, as well! Katie May I get such a kick out of your daughter, you'l never know.

    And MSW - I love your painting at the Pembroke Show!


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