Monday, March 10, 2008

You Say Toe-MAH-Toe, 5x7 Oil


I think the third time's the charm.  This is (for now) the end of the tomato paintings. I like the way the composition worked out.  I also like the looseness of the brushstrokes, and I think I finally got a background that I like (radiant blue by Gamblin).  I hope to post again on Wednesday, but I'm going to try to set up a new blog for my trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I'm going on a painting trip with Paula Villanova.  This is our 3rd visit to San Miguel, so hopefully we'll hit the ground running this time!  I've also posted some new work on my Studio Blog, you might want to visit.  Let me know what you think about my 'departure' in style there, OK?
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  1. this is an interesting style - I love the choice of colors for the background and the straight-forward opacity of the tomatoes... there's something nostalgic about it

  2. Great job on this ... it looks so luscious and juicy, I can almost taste that tomato-y goodness!

    And Conor's right, there IS something nostalgic about it ... a very nice homey feeling.

  3. I'm going to be waiting for some posts from Mexico.
    Happy Birthday! Hi to Paula and Roz.


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