Friday, January 3, 2014

Angel of Patience, 6x8 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Meet Elerial, the Archangel of Patience.  I am finding out the most interesting things doing research for my angels.  For example, I painted her, then looked at her for a title.  To me, she was the epitome of Patience, waiting for someone to open their eyes to the obvious choice to be made.  Then I googled 'Angel of Patience', and BOOM tons of things came up.  But one of the MOST interesting things was from this Archangel page, and this is it:

Elerial's vessels are either male or female, but have tended to be females with calm blue eyes and long brown hair. 

This is who you turn to when you need patience, or you need someone to be patient with you.
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  1. Now isn't she beautiful! I could sure use an angel of patience myself. It is a virtue I completely lack.

  2. Elerial has good taste! She does have a calm about her that is so soothing. Almost forgot about angels in my life. I'm thinking of my friends as them. Love your challenge theme.

  3. Kelley, very nice painting. If you are not familiar with the painter Miguel Martinez, look him up. He lives in Taos. He paints pretty exclusively saints and angels. I think you will enjoy his work! Peggy

  4. Yes she looks very calm and serene. This is a great series already!

  5. LOVE!!!! Oh, and knowing she is with you always to give you patience and unconditional love is AWESOME!!

  6. She's beautiful Kelly and she definitely looks like the angel of patience! I can't wait to see more angels! Wonderful theme1


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