Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Observer, 12x6 Inches, Original Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

My little pug, Paco, sits on our porch with us, and he just looks and looks at what goes by:  boats, trucks, cars, runners and walkers, and other dogs.  (I love this view of him that I get when we are all on the porch - love his little squishy shape, and that cinnabon tail!)  Usually another dog will get him to bark, but otherwise, he views it as a big TV.  Yes, he also lays on the couch and watches TV with us, until he drops off to sleep, signaled by a light snoring sound.

He's spending this weekend with my son in Providence, which he LOVES.  We use this time to actually look at and talk to each OTHER. :)  Win-win!

I've had a great vacation.  Looking forward to more easel time (ahem.... I did manage to break two portable easels in the past month, so a trip to Utrecht was in order - and they were on sale... angels watching over me, I guess). Happy Labor Day to all!
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  1. Kelley!

    I can remember when you first blogged about getting Paco. What a cutie!

    Happy Labor Day to you as well!


  2. Love this! Love his little self all sitting so pretty! Of course I love Paco...And Angels are always watching over you! Glad you had a much needed vacation and look forward to seeing what comes next!

  3. One of my all time favorite "dog portraits"! Great job...wonderful proportions and composition! Cello does that same thing...we call her our CIA agent. Only problem is that she doesn't report anything she sees!

  4. I do too..It is perfect..Enjoy your last day of this Holiday week-end

  5. this painting is amazing! I see the resemblance to a donut in that paco!

  6. Look at that cute little tail. Love it!


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