Friday, December 16, 2011

Mugshot of JLo from the Hilton Head Gang

"It is week four and Jennifer “JLo” Koach is the subject of this weeks search.  Her uncanny resemblance to ... well,  you know who...allows her to weasel herself into otherwise unavailable venues.  Before her true identity is revealed she assimilates herself into the situation and shoots at will.   Jlo charms and disarms her victims.  By the time they realize what is is too late...they are photographed and the subject of a painting. 
She left Hilton Head Island surrounded by her entourage...She is definitely NOT “just Jenny from the block”...
For more information or clues to her whereabouts check out her blog at:

A bit of glare on the image shows the graining of the gesso I painted on. In real life it is not evident at all!  I tried to paint her with a bit of an attitude, as she posed.  She's a great gal, and great painter. 

ANDDDDDDD... (drum roll)  the winner of the Pinky Tree is Carrie Waller!  Woo-hoo!  Check out her blog HERE!  Congratulations, Carrie!  I will post another give-away on Monday - what have you got to lose?
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  1. Good job! I love the orange and blue in her hair!

  2. JLo is beautiful. Love the skin tones and delicateness you painted her face with. Amazing hair- love the blues and then the highlights. Kelley, you did a beautiful job on JLo-
    Congrats to Carrie! Fun Pink Tree give away:)

  3. I really like this, Kelley. Great job on the skin tones and hair.

  4. The Hilton Head Gang can run but they can't hide! Love the hair...the blues work beautifully. I think she has such a great profile! Love this !!!

  5. These are hysterical!
    AND the one of you on her blog is a riot too!

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  7. Simply put and simply painted with charm... love the hair highlights of blue and gold.. colors .. of a cheerleader!

  8. Kelley you are getting so fabulous at painting portraits. JLo is beautiful and I love the blue in her hair. You are so inspiring. Hope you are enjoying your holidays! xoxo

  9. I love this series you are all doing Kelley. Jo Lo looks way to pretty to do anything wrong!
    Love your Snow Bear below too!!

  10. Hey I like you side view, these are so fun and I bet super challenging. She has an adorable nose, can I get her nose for Christmas?

  11. Beautiful job, Kelley! Love this portrait!


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