Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spearmints IV, 6x6 Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

This painting wasn't actually due to post today, but the eggs I painted, apparently are abhorrent to my camera because it WILL NOT focus on the painting.  Seriously - about 18 shots... all very blurry.  I actually went to get a new camera today, not the one I wanted.. can't afford that one just yet, but a little replacement - and I showed the man my camera and said "It won't focus on close up things - a boat in the river, sure, but anything close, no."  So the man took a whole bunch of really clear shots of things 2, 3, 4, 5 feet away and said "There's no problem here....."  And, puzzled, I took the camera and started taking pictures of everything... perfect.  Wow, I thought.  I'm really losing it!  Even in the car back to the studio, I took pictures of my feet, of the GPS map, of my husband.... perfect.  It was a little like when the kids were little and had an awful cough, and you got the nurse to squeeze you in to see the pediatrician, and when you get there - no cough.
BUT... when I got back to the studio and tried to photograph my painting of blue eggs -  blurry.  I'm about to hurl this little camera right into the river...
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  1. Hi, I like the sweets in limited palette, Kelley! As for your egg painting, what a puzzle!!!!Maybe there is a sharp highlight it puzzles on, leaving everything around it blurred?

  2. You gave me a good laugh to start the day.
    I LOVE your peppermint paintings. This one is so nice with the blue tones!

  3. I always seem to click on your daily paintings on my daily painting email. Love your work! Then I noticed you are a fellow Rhode Islander!

  4. And you gave me a smile to finish my day:) Oh kelley! This is wonderful- love your candies. I am thinking of you with that camera and just know it is driving you carazzzzzy:) Can't wait to see the eggs:) Keep us smiling girl!

  5. Kelley, You do these so well! A peppermint master! I just love these. The highlights and all, are just perfect. Love your choice of the white background, too!


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