Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scottsdale Mug & 2 Jelly Halves, 6x6 Inches, Oil Painting

LOTS of technical difficulties around here!  For example, my trusty camera has finally bitten the dust.  After painting this I packed it in the car and took it and my camera to Hunt's Camera in Providence.  They couldn't get the camera to focus either, and finally pronounced it officially non-functioning.  I'm getting another camera this week, but in the meantime, they actually took the memory card and put it in a new camera and took some shots for me.  My new camera will be in around Thursday, and I am so excited!

Getting ready for my Open Studio on the South Coast Open Studio Tour on Saturday and Sunday, August 20 and 21.  Crossing my fingers for good weather!
Come on over!  Exit 2 off of Rte 24 in RI.  Go south 1 mile, and ...voila!
I painted this jelly-full donut in response to Susan Roden's volley - it is Monday, so it's the Donut War Day!  Susan thinks her trifecta of sugary sweetness will *splat* my jellies against a wall.  I say.. we divide and conquer!  Reinforced by one of my favorite mugs - one from Scottsdale Artists School.  I loved my class there.  Can't wait to do another one!  On the scorching red mug, is a symbol of a palette, and the words "Scottsdale Artists School"... as if I could forget!!!!
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  1. Kelley...fantastic!! Way to handle those reds girlfriend! Good luck with the open studio event too!

  2. O..U..C..H !!!! I just got hit in the head by a coffee mug.

    Divide and conquer huh? Wait till next week Kelley and see what I will fling.

    And as always - a good one!

  3. I'm lovin' it, Kelley....and lots of luck with your Open Studio this weekend. Look forward to blog pics of the event.

  4. Love the red mug!

    I'm interested in what kind of camera you bought. I've been thinking I may need a better one.

  5. I love everything about this painting--the background, the jelly, the great mug--all are wonderfully painted. You are great with RED.

  6. Wonderful composition- the split doughnut draws you right in. That gooey goodness holds you right there with the red mug behind it. I love the subtle shadows I see on the top of the doughnut and wonderful yeastyness! Love that!

  7. You two!
    Love the orangy red in the cup. Really caught my eye. If you keep adding jelly oozing out you are always going to win the war.
    Good luck with the show!

  8. Fun...Love your donuts Kelley. Wish I could come down to your OPEN STUDIO but will be painting in Wellfleet. More donuts.....

  9. Sorry to hear about your camera woes. To be an artist that blogs, one definitely needs their camera. Well done on the orange mug, highlights in all the perfect places. Looking forward to hearing about your open studios, I'm sure you will entertain us with your stories.

  10. :( Sorry about your camera! Hopefully you will love your new one. Love this painting, that is a fabulous mug:)

  11. Lovely, as always! Beautiful mug!
    I think you do the jelly part so realistically, it actually look sticky! Great job!

  12. that's a beauty. Don't even tell me that you still 'own' this ;)


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