Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sea Shell, 6x6 Acrylic

What do you do when it's AMOST dawn, you've been up since the wee small hours, and you've read till your eyes are gritty but sleep is still elusive? Go shell hunting... in the dining room... and paint! I found this one originally on the Cape, but these shells wash up here, too. I liked the subtle pinks, yellows and blues of this little one. May as well be productive! This weekend is 'studio dismantling' weekend, so I guess I'm a little wired :}
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  1. Insomnia? You're at least making better use of your time. I fall back to sleep when it's light out :(
    I have several of these shells and I think I'm inspired.
    Spent the entire weekend sanding the floors in the new space with my nephew helping me.
    I'll never be doing that again but they look great! This studio is bigger and I think I'm going to get a couch :D


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