Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where The Clouds Are, 8x10


Here I am in Georgia, on St. Simon's Island, and these skies above the marsh.  To Die For.  I'm painting, yes, but I'm also talking a lot of photos, and doing a little relaxation and having some girlfriend time.  Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been in overdrive for the last month, and this island is a goooood place to take your blood pressure down.  Island Time.  Puffy clouds.  Palm Trees.  Good wine at night.  Hear me go "Ahhhhhhhhh...."  Plenty of new paintings will come from this trip.   :D
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  1. Glad to hear from you...I was wondering where you had been. Also glad you are relaxing and painting beautiful paintings! Love this sky...the colors are beautiful.

  2. Oh we love this beautiful painting. It looks so peaceful, and relaxing. The colors are just perfect, and the CLOUDS! We love clouds!

  3. Kelley,good for you! It's great that you are taking time off to relax! This gorgeous painting, even looks relaxing. Enjoy your time away!

  4. Well, I do know you are Mary are together on this trip. It sounds like one lovely trip indeed. Lovely skies too.

  5. This one is a beauty. All those blues are so relaxing. Beautiful colors and shadows.

    Will you come home with a drawl?

    1. Yes, Virginia, I'm fixin' to come home with a few things Southern. Might could be a few of y'all's little phrases!

  6. This is really beautiful glad to hear you are relaxing..long over due..Got to take care of beautiful YOU..this sky is a good sign

  7. So glad you are having such a good time and love the cloud painting. Please, tell Kathy and Carol I said hello.

  8. Love this one- gorgeous in person. Wonderful colors:) And I seem to like that little bit of southern twang I was picking up on at the end there...You "might could" keep it going:):)


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