Thursday, February 9, 2012

HH Gang Mugshot #9


It is week 9 in the search for the Hilton Head Gang...the notorious members of Karin Jurick’s workshop.   The trail is still we shall continue on.  We are determined to feature one member each week until they are all accounted for.
Chris “the Moniker” Werst  comes by her alias honestly.  She misses nothing.    At beaches, Galleries, tourist attractions...She retains everything.  She is very proficient at finding out and remembering names of people, places and things.  She uses this to her advantage.  She will call your name and then act like she knows the time you realize she is a stranger it is too are digitally immortalized and destined to become canvas bound.  Her whereabouts is totally unknown as she does this writing...have a blog.  

I am finally, FINALLY shaking the flu.  Thank you for all your emails, and well wishes - I've missed you, too!  Today, my first full day at the studio, I opened a box of 4x4 inch Gessobords and started to catch up with my Hilton Head Gang Mugshots.   Now... this woman, Chris, is BEAUTIFUL!  But it being a 'mugshot' I let her look tough, as she posed that way.  
I am REALLY digging painting mug shots.  I have to say I swore I would never enjoy it.  Shows what I know.  
Stay well, all!

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  1. Awesome mug! Glad you are back!! :-)

  2. Love it, I really like the blues in her hair and of course those skin tones!

  3. Chris is indeed beautiful! So glad you are feeling better, Kelley!

  4. These mugshots are such a fun idea! Sounds like you you were a really fun group down there!Hard to make someone so pretty look so, well, thug- ish? Is that a word?

  5. Im glad you are feeling better and your portraits are wonderful!

  6. Glad you are better and love the mug shot!!!

  7. This is excellent, glad you are recovering, and back at the easel.

  8. Glad you are up and about my dear.
    Nice edges and paint application in

  9. Chris looks great. She has great eyes. I think you really captured her eyes.
    glad you are feeling better.

  10. What a great portrait, you are really getting good at direction? hmmm... Glad you are on the mend, no laughing now

  11. You are really going to town with these mugshots! Hilton Head Town that is! Great job, lovin each one.

  12. Love the mugshot. Of course, I LOVE Chris and her amazing smile so had to hunt hard to recognize her all mugshotty and in hiding here! Chris is about as tough as a marshmallow- you cracked me up!! Love the brushwork and sculpting. So glad you are back up to par...your workshops will be amazing!! Lucky RI locals:)

  13. Happy to see you painting again. Fun mugshot.

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