Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ReGift, 6x6, Oil

$100 plus $10 shipping & handling via PayPal
Well, technically not a real re-gift... I bought it to paint the week before Christmas, and.... here we are, finally! I love to paint the challenges - anything that scares me. So here we are - cellophane, a glittery ribbon, a logo! Getting ready for my workshop, AND for a trip to Austin next week, so it's busy, busy busy. Good busy, though, and I'm thankful.
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  1. It's a terrific piece..... as always!! Busy is good!!

  2. I like this a lot Kelley, particularly the vague logo...good luck with the workshop!

  3. Thanks, Manon! Like YOU!

    Dana, thank you - I'll let you all know how it goes!

  4. Very Nice Kelley-
    I love your coffee themed paintings!

  5. hi kelley!

    oh i love it and that you have a price and easy way to purchase it!

    i cannot wait to hear all about your workshop!



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