How I Prep Paintings For Shipping

A number of people have asked how I pack my paintings to ship them.  Here's my routine:

I take the painting, as on the left, and make sure I have a label on the back with my contact info.  I use Vistaprint address labels.

Then I take these vinyl 'bumpers', (they are half-spheres with a sticky back) and put one in each corner of a foam board cut to the exact size of the painting.  I order them in bulk - I used to buy them at the hardware store but they are about 3 times the price of the bulk order.  I just Googled the name of the company.  This way, only those four tiny points in the center of each bumper would ever touch the surface of the painting - and on warm days, when perhaps the varnish might get tacky, there will be no problem.

(close up view of the bumper)

 And on the flip side of the foam board, once again, a sticker with contact info...(and close up of painting against the board....

I wrap the board against the painting with bubblewrap, and add a pretty ribbon....

And tuck in a magnet (Vista Print again) if I have them available, plus an assortment of business cards

 Then I put 2 different notecards made from my other Daily Paintings, with envelopes, in a plastic bag,

   Then I take a folding easel ( I just Googled 'small folding easel' and buy them in bulk) and wrap it in bubblewrap, and put a sticker that says "A Gift For You So You Can Enjoy Your Painting Right Away" (Yes, Visaprint!)

And a handwritten Thank You note on a card (seasonal) or postcard with another image...

Tuck everything in a box cushioned with more bubblewrap (I get both  at Staples, also in bulk), 

and I usually add a sticker to the outside of the box, so they know right away their painting is on the inside.  And off it goes to the Post Office!
Hopefully the collector enjoys opening the package and getting little treats!


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